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Our rocket ship is coming in angled and fast, cutting through the atmosphere at super-sonic speeds on a collision course with downtown PDX.  I could swear I just saw a caped corn dog go past the porthole..?  A strange music is playing somewhere I cant hear it, I can feel it resonating up the base of my skull.  Shout the anthem of the rock gods!  The pilot has pulled a gun from her bag and has been staring at the side of my head for at least thirty seconds; were I a lesser man I might melt away.  I think our robot has sabotaged the engines.  I can see him talking to himself (in robo-bleeps), fingering a cord of frayed wires near the emergency exit.  The pilot thinks Im a spy.  Shes had sex in a Camaro and Im not about to debate her.  I feel a sudden, immense pressure and turn to see our robot jump out of the hatch and into the sky.  Damn.


- Booboo Journal Entry #223, Date Unknown

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